The Discernment of Teachings

 Teachings vary in quality.  An offering of information on any subject can be good or bad.  It is very important to live with this awareness and to carefully discern the value of educational material.  To discern, means to see clearly or understand correctly what something is.

The scale is a symbol of justice.  In the application of justice, matters must be carefully discerned and this usually involves weight the content of involved issues.

As we see, life can be complicated.  Sometimes it is difficult to bring matters into vision clearly in order to weight them.  The sword is also a symbol of discernment for this reason.  There is a cutting edge in spirit and wisdom and intelligence that permits us to separate one issue from another so that we may closely evaluate each part.  This cutting edge also enables us to penetrate to where the truth may be hidden within or beneath other life elements.

At SEA Foundation, we don’t deal with teachings- we focus on self-evident truth.  Everyone who navigates life by the direct perception of truth is automatically a part of the Self-Evident Alliance and the SEA Foundation is here as a supportive help. 

In all of Strategy Resource International the only direct teachings we offer pertain to crime prevention, personal security and safe and correct defensive firearms use.  We do workplace and management adjustments and while we do use some key stratagems, these are generally not considered teachings.

In your life you may have connection to spriritual teachings about life, God, truth the nature of love, etc.  We encourge you to take responsibility to carefully discern and ensure that these teachings are true and good.  Additionally, please check that the teachings you are working with are the best for you available and that you are focused in the right area of those teachings for this period of your life and the people in your life-waters.