Intelligence Response Group

Should you notice the need to be more safe against criminal activity a smart response to this intelligence would be to attend NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim seminar.

Intelligence means knowledge of what is going on, or a piece of understanding that needs response.

Many have experienced the tendency in churches to preach against so many things that there is little left to a service to enrich and bring one closer to God.  Pastors, priests and congregations make choices about how to respond to trends in society and in religious worship.  The Masterway powerfully honors the exclusivist Christian worship formats, even when they hate each other.  We support this honor because all Christian church systems that are God-sent are indeed true.  There are some that all are well-off to avoid and we hope this is understood.  Simply, we feel that it is important to do even greater honor to Jesus Christ by providing an All-Truth environment where there is honesty about international intelligence proving that the one way to God does take various forms.

As people realize that Buddhism has truth, the church that preaches louder and louder against it, soon alienates these of innocent knowing.  We are not new age & we do intentionally leave out wicca / witchcraft in all forms, as there is no truth-basis and validating scripture.

The melting-pot general culture of the western democracies has advanced to a general state of realization of the manifold ways to Freedom of the spirit.  Finally, the way is one and it is through the Master, who is the truth and not different from God himself.

All-the-same, we honor and support the exclusivist Christian churches and will help you select one if you like.  We have developed a rare familiarity with the different branches that can be so at war with one another.  The church serves many absolutely important purposes and you may come to a day of needing help that may only be available to you from these churches, so it may be valuable to know how to choose one and to know how they operate.  Remember, the Church, and Jesus personally have played major roles in the development of Liberty governed by Constitution and this mean that all living in countries blessed by such arrangement are foolish not to pay respect and honor.

IRG has the mission of increasing God-honor amongst the population of the earth.  We hope you agree this is a noble goal.  We must be tolerant and inclusive to the extant that real veracity allows; still, we are sharp enough to weed out the tendrils of bad systems of philosophy and without this readiness any good place will be overrun by lousy plants.

Intelligence Response Group teaches how to build and maintain Masterway Temple Worship Environments, including home-based prayer, worship, meditation groups and provides trainings to expand people’s knowledge of lifescape opportunities as well as to illuminate hazards.