2017 Meetings

We are advancing the non-P development in 2017.

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Engaging Answers

Any real “Happiness Warehouse” (our domain name!) must provide something worthwhile to deserve the handle.

As human beings, we look for ways to engage answers that enable us to succeed in work and other valuable focuses from effectively raising children who are well and lead meaningful lives to exercising hobbies that are enriching.

When life gets more complex, the timeless answers become more difficult to find.

Access to refreshing truth often requires codes.  Follow the SEA Foundation and you will find awesome keys to places you have been trying to arrive!

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Intelligence Response Group by SEA Foundation

To form an environment where all truth is welcome is a valiant task. It is better to celebrate all things God has done rather than to police an environment to keep it limited; this narrowed focus is essential for many loving purposes, still it is a sacrifice and should only be performed when appropriate.

The Masterway Temple worship environment is all-truth based.  All welcome!  People who will stay on have or want direct connection and knowledge of God.  People are welcome to retain their designation…Christian, Buddhist, Hindu…as long as you hail from a truth-based spiritual system or religion.  A good way to determine this is to check if your system teaches the virtues; they are the same in any true religious teaching body.  True systems have scriptural origination and validation that is of divine quality.

Intelligence Response Group helps people be aware of the actual lifescape of forces and factors that today we navigate through in living our lives.  How we respond to the discovery that the one way to God DOES come in different authentic forms provides much shape to our way forward.  Intelligence mean knowledge of what is going on.

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Making Decisions

Are you conscious of the intent behind a decision you make. We can’t avoid moments of decision, though it is amazing how many people don’t know what they are doing and why.

In life, moments of decision arrive. Some choices are small, such as, “Do I want a banana split or a stick of gum?” Some moments may bring larger potential consequences; “Should I marry this person,” “Should we buy this house in this area with this loan agreement?” “Should I go into military service?”

How exactly is a good decision made? Post a comment. What are your thoughts?

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Self-Evident Alliance

SEA Foundation is home of the Self-Evident Alliance.  This is the group of all people who strive to follow truth in life.

Self-Evident truth, means truth that can be determined by anyone who is willing to go find it.

Feel free to have a look around!

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